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Seminar at Lyon

1) We were invited to LIA (Laboratory Internationally Associated), and Triangle of Ecole Normale Superiere of Lyon and CNRS from April 28 to April 30, 2014 by Professor Laurence Rolleau-Berger of ENS and CNRS whom we have known well since when we met in Beijing. She had prepared for these academic events carefully inviting many experts and advertising in the website. The host institute covered the full expense of this trip including hotel and TGV train.

2) Upon arrival, on April 28, 2014, Professor Han presented his new paper to be published in the journal “Socio” with the title of “Second Modern Transformation from East Asian Perspective: An Active Dialogue with Ulrich Beck.” Professor Shim presented a new paper “Individualization and Community Network in East Asia.” There were many sharp questions from the invited participants, especially from Professor Philippe Pelletier at Department of Geography, Lyon 2 University, who has been specialized in Japan studies.

3) We met young scholars during dinner at the downtown of Lyon. We had constructive conversation with Assistant Professor Julien Barrier, an expert in sociology of organization and education at ENS Lyon and Assistant Professor Samadia Sadoui, an expert in sociology of religion and migration with profound background of Muslim working at IEPL Lyon.

4) On April 29, 2004, we had a cultural excursion of Lyon city with the guidance of Ms. Liu Ziqin, a Ph D student at ENS Lyon who had been working with Prof. Laurence Rolleau-Berger. This tour helped us figure out the long historical and cultural trajectories of city development of Lyon.

5) On April 30, 2014, we participated in a seminar on migration and urban studies organized by Prof Laurence Rolleau-Berger of ENS and CNRS. We met many young researchers and listened their presentations about their current researches, which include :

  • Dr. Lois Bastide, Postdoctoral fellow and lecturer at the Department of Sociology, University of Geneva, who presented a field research in Indonesia on the issue of migration with a specific focus on gender differences. His presentation of the gender differences with respect to transnational dwelling was so interesting that we actively joined the discussion
  • Prof. Guillaume Faburel specialized in urban sociology at Lyon 2 University, who outlined his research on urban planning and development with the focus on environmental issue from the perspective of citizen-oriented democratic (deliberative) governance. His presentation was so suggestive in many respects that not only the issue of environmental justice in city planning but also the epistemological question of future-related knowledge, namely what kind of the future ordinary citizens want to create concerning the space in which they live today have been brought out to the agenda. Deeply impressed by the specific approach and stance that he has taken, we wished to learn more about the concrete case studies that he has conducted so far. So there was a long conversation.
  • Dr. Albena Tckolakova, a Postdoctoral Fellow at CRESPPA-GTM CNRS, who lectures at University of Paris 8 presented on the identity transformation of refugees in Bulgaria and in France based on empirical survey. According to her, while younger refugees tried to have positive relation to oneself and struggle for recognition, the elderly refugees tried to tried to keep biographic coherence and identity maintenance. She compared Axel Honneth’ model of identity focusing on positive relation to oneself and M. Pollak’s model of identity focusing on biographical coherence, and concluded that they are complementary. It was a theoretically and empirically very interesting topic and there also was a long discussion.
  • Verena Richardier, Ph D student ENS Lyon, presented her field research on the International NGOs and local people in Burma and Cambodia concerning humanitarian aid and developmental projects. She drew particular attention to the potential tension emerging from westernization of the humanitarian intervention. And we discussed salient issues in this respect.

6) In addition, we also met Prof Corinne Rostaring, Department of Sociology, Lyon 2 University, and we returned to Aix-en-Provence lately on April 30. We became to know quite well through this experience how the French academic system of research operates. We obtained clearer knowledge about the scholarship of Prof. Laurence Rolleau-Berger, particularly her idea of post-Western sociology. We exchanged many ideas of future collaboration in Beijing as well as in Europe.

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