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Details on the authors

Gilles Campagnolo,
the Network Global Coordinator of the Project

  • A full research Professor at the French National Center for Scientific Research (‘Directeur de recherches’), and a Senior Member of Aix-Marseilles School of Economics (Aix-MarseillesUniversity, EHESS, CNRS).
  • A background both in philosophy and economics (ENS Paris, Harvard U., Tokyo University).
  • Fluent in Japanese and some knowledge of Chinese.
  • More on greqam.

Xu Bo is an Early Stage Researcher of the project

  • Ph.D. Candidate at the School of Government, Beijing University, and a member of the Research Center of Political Thought at Beijing University, under the supervision of Professor Li Qiang.
  • A Background in Philosophy and Politics
  • major involvement within the project

    A Presentation (25/09/2013) as well as a paper (in progress) on “the reception of Kant in modern China”, in which
    1)he tries to explore on how modern Chinese intellectuals modify on Kant’s philosophy, especially his individualism, based on different cultural and conceptual frameworks,
    2)therefore touches upon some basic elements and problems of the so-called Chinese Enlightenment and modernization.
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