Firefighters Get Creative to Help Baby Raccoon With its Head Stuck in a Sewer Cover

Firefighters near Detroit came to the rescue of a small raccoon struggling with quite the predicament.

Macomb County Animal Control called the Harrison Township Fire Department and when they arrived they were perplexed to see the raccoon with its head stuck in a sewer cover.

Veteran firefighter Lt. Brian Lorkowski took a photo while they figured out what do do.

First, they tried putting soap around the animal’s neck, but that didn’t work. They considered cutting into the cast iron cover, but it would be too risky.

“We were trying all different kinds of options to not try and hurt it, but it was stuck in there really good,” Lorkowski told MLive.

Finally, they asked a homeowner bring some cooking oil. They were able to pull out the body, and free the animal at last, without any injury.

“We get ducks all the time that fall in the storm drains,” he said. “(But) I can’t remember any raccoon rescues. I think this is my first”