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Project Executive Summary

Wednesday 6 February 2013

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Since their inception in 1998 in London to the most recent meeting in Brussels in October 2010, EU-China Summits demonstrate the importance of European and Chinese partnerships based on mutual understanding and joint efforts to overcome global problems ranging from ecological risks to economic crisis to social inequalities. Reflecting on the issues of EU-China relationships, the project “{{L}}iberalism {{I}}n {{B}}etween {{E}}urope {{A}}nd {{C}}hina” (LIBEAC) aims at developing a new understanding of liberalism in its economic, political and social dimensions. It involves a {{comparative}} analysis of the cultural differences in its interpretation and of the political discrepancies in its enforcement, in particular with respect to economic, social and environmental rights in China and Europe in Modern times. It is a multidisciplinary project based on a comparative study of European and Chinese political philosophy and political economy, legal practice and philosophy of right.

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