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News, May 2014

Monday 28 July 2014

[CHALLENGES FOR PRIVATE AND FOREIGN INVESTMENTS INTO CHINESE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY->] _ {Despite the recent global financial crisis, China’s economic growth is still surpassing expectations as the world’s fastest growing economy. As a function of China’s overall economic growth, the country’s pharmaceutical industry has also experienced a surge over the past decade.} [THE UK NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE SHOULD MAKE A BETTER USE OF THE VOLUNTARY SECTOR->] _ {The National Health Service (NHS) is facing a deep financial crisis, as the former NHS chief executive David Nicholson warned during his last media interview. The future of the health service is at risk unless politicians come up with radical solutions to the crisis in the upcoming months.} [NEW NHS STUDY SHOWS THAT FEW LATINOS SIGNED-UP FOR OBAMACARE->] _ {According to 2012 Census Bureau data, 29 percent of all Hispanics in USA were without coverage, compared to about 17 percent of African-Americans, 15 percent of Asian-Americans and 10 percent of whites.} [EU MINISTERS OF HEALTH GATHERED AT THE INFORMAL MEETING IN ATHENS IN ORDER TO DISCUSS HEALTHCARE FOR IMMIGRANTS->ù] _ {In 2008, the World Health Assembly adopted a resolution on migrant health, recognizing the need for migrant-sensitive health policies and systems, and equitable access to services.} [MEDICAL MALPRACTICES PROVIDED BY BOGUS DOCTORS IN UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: MINISTRY OF HEALTH WARNS THE POPULATION ON THE MATTER->] _ {The UAE (United Arab Emirates) Ministry of Health has warned the public about bogus doctors who are providing medical services in hotels and at home.} [THAILAND’S 30 BAHT HEALTH REFORM ALLOWED A DROP IN INFANT MORTALITY RATE, A NEW MIT STUDY SHOWS->] _ {Robert Townsend, the Elizabeth and James Killian Professor of Economics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jon Gruber, a MIT professor of economics and health care expert, and Nathaniel Hendren, an economist at Harvard University, published a new study on infant mortality in Thailand.} [HEALTHCARE DISPARITIES BETWEEN NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN AMERICAN STATES->] _ {As the debate over the effects of President Barack Obama's healthcare law continues, a new study by the Commonwealth Fund finds that there are significant disparities between states that have access to quality health care and states that do not.} [YEMEN: SIGNIFICANT STEPS FORWARD IN THE PROTECTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS->] _ {Yemen is expected to vote on a comprehensive Child Rights Act over the coming months, a turning point that would ban child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM).} [SINGAPORE IS AT AN INFLECTION POINT: DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER THARMAN SHANMUGARATNAM TALKS ABOUT WORKPLACE SAFETY AND HEALTH INFRINGEMENTS->] _ {In Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and Building and Construction Authority will lead a new workgroup to work out the details of a mandatory framework that will incorporate the safety and protection of construction workers into the building plans.} [BETTER CARE FUND WAS DELAYED AFTER A CONFIDENTIAL WHITEHALL REVIEW. THE UK CABINET OFFICE SUGGESTED MORE EFFORTS ON THE POLICY->] _ {The £3.8bn-a-year Better Care Fund, which aims to help people receive care in the own homes by bringing together health and social care services, was supposed to be launched last week but it was delayed after a confidential Whitehall review.} [HIGH PRICES PREVENT PATIENTS FROM ACCESS TO PRESCRIPTION DRUGS IN THE USA->] _ {The pharmaceutical industry is concerned that cost-sharing within most health insurance exchange plans could limit consumers' access to necessary medications, says a new report from the Breakaway Health prepared for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America.} [THE SYRIAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM’S COLLAPSE->] _ {A Save The Children’s report, titled “A Devastating Toll: the Impact of Three Years of War on the Health of Syria's Children”, shows the devastation of the health system in Syria. It underlines the lack of skilled medical staff and access to child-focused care, equipment and medicines.} [BRAZILIAN HEALTHCARE SYSTEM: FROM THEORY TO PRACTICE->] _ {The Brazilian Constitution promises free public healthcare to every citizen, saying that “Health is a private right and a duty of the state”. Public healthcare is provided to all Brazilian permanent residents and foreigners in Brazilian territory through the National Health Care System, known as Unified Health System - SUS.} [CHINA ACCUSED THE GLAXO’S EXECUTIVE MARK REILLY OF BRIBING DOCTORS->] _ {At a press conference, officials from China's Ministry of Public Security alleged that the executive, U.K. national Mark Reilly, ordered his sales team and other employees to bribe hospital doctors and health care organizations to boost drug sales in China, that helped Glaxo reap billions of yuan in additional revenue between 2009 and 2012, they said.} [THE NATURE OF EUROPEAN UNION ALLOWS PARALLEL IMPORTS IN THE PHARMACEUTICAL MARKET->] _ {Differences in economic, social, legal or regulatory regimes of countries create varying prices around the world for the same drug. This discrepancy often leads to parallel trade, which had a strong impact on European pharmaceutical market since 1970s.} [YEMEN'S NEW LAW ON CHILD BRIDES AND FGM CAN MAKE CONSIDERABLE PROGRESS->] _ {The new legislation aims to proscribe child marriage and female genital mutilation.} [HEALTHCARE POLICIES: US AND SPAIN HAVE A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW ON THE MATTER->] _ {Comparing the United States and Spain’s healthcare systems, it is clear that the respective policies are taking different positions. While the U.S. is trying to make healthcare coverage more affordable for citizens, Spain has adopted strict financial measures in order to cut the health expenditure.} [INDIAN PHARMACEUTICAL SECTOR SPLIT BETWEEN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND ACCESS TO MEDICINES FOR ALL->] _ {Indian pharmaceutical sector is largely driven by exports, the country is the biggest foreign supplier of generic medicines to the US, the world's largest drug market. The latest report by the US Trade Representative (USTR) on intellectual property rights (IPR), termed Special 301, retained India on its Priority Watch List of alleged violators of the US patents law.} [THE LANDSCAPE FOR MNCs PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES IS GRADUALLY CHANGING IN INDIA->] _ {The multinational pharmaceutical companies (MNCs),which have so far lagged the domestic market growth, are now becoming increasingly aggressive in the Indian market as part of their focus on emerging markets.} [CHINESE CORRUPTION IN HEALTHCARE SECTOR: THE CRACKDOWN ON PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES IS LIKELY TO BE INTENSIFIED->] _ {A unit of China's anti-trust regulator has visited the Swiss Roche Holding AG,the second Swiss pharmaceutical firm in the country to attract the Chinese government scrutiny.} [CHILDREN ARE EXPOSED TO SEVERE RISKS CAUSED BY TOXIC PESTICIDES AND NICOTINE IN USA TOBACCO FARMS->] _ {A recent report of Human Rights Watch has revealed that children working on tobacco farms in the United States are exposed to nicotine, toxic pesticides and other dangers.} [THAILAND’S MEDICAL TOURISM IS AT RISK DUE TO THE POLITICAL UNREST->] _ {Thailand might “lose its crown” as the region’s top destination for medical tourismif foreigners, who are looking for low-cost and quality healthcare, are frightened by the political unrest. } [CHINA’S INVESTIGATIONS ON DRUGMAKERS HIT THE BIG PHARMA COMPANIES->] _ {China has become stricter about corruption allegations against the pharmaceutical sector (especially against the big global pharmaceutical companies), which has enjoyed easy growth in the country so far.} [CHINA: EASING FOREIGN INVESTMENTS IN JOINT-VENTURE HOSPITALS->] _ {The Chinese government has decided to facilitate foreign investments in joint-venture hospitals. In order to achieve this aim, the rules on setting up wholly-owned medical centers have been eased and restrictions on the percentage of foreign ownership in medical joint ventures and collaborations will be reduced.}

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