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News, April 2014

Monday 28 July 2014

[UK: TOWARDS STANDARDIZED PACKAGING FOR CIGARETTES->] _ {Since tobacco advertising became illegal in the UK in 2002, tobacco companies have invested a fortune in branded packaging to attract new smokers. Most of these new smokers are children and youngsters.} [KEY FACTORS OF SUCCESSFUL BRAZILIAN AIDS/HIV POLICY->] _ {Compared to other developing countries, Brazil had an early response to the challenge of escalating of this epidemic and has continued to tackle AIDS effectively. The most important elements of the successful policy are the political commitment to eradicating AIDS and the enhancement of technical capacity.} [DEVELOPMENT OF WOMEN IN POLITICS IS REMARKABLE, BUT SMASHING THROUGH GLASS CEILINGS REQUIRES MORE EFFORT->] _ {According to the Women in Politics Map 2014 launched by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) and United Nations Women, remarkable progress can be detected in women's political participation in the world, however, glass ceilings have remained in place at the highest levels.} [THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION WILL PUBLISH DATA RELATED TO HEALTHCARE SERVICES PROVIDED BY MEDICARE->] _ {The Obama administration said that - for the first time - next week it would publish data on how much Medicare paid individual doctors in 2012, in order to make the health care system more transparent and responsible.} [UK: NEW GUIDANCE TO END ABUSES ON PATIENTS->] _ {The Government is moving to put a stop to the abuses on patients in hospitals and care homes practiced by care workers. The new guidelines will apply to services for people with mental health and autistic spectrum conditions, learning disabilities, dementia and personality disorder.} [CANADA: IMPROVING PUBLIC HEALTH THROUGH OHS->] _ {The Ontario Health Study is an ongoing research study, which investigates risk factors that cause diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease, asthma and Alzheimer’s.} [NHS: £10 PER PERSON MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE->] _ {Lord Warner, the former Labour health minister, has proposed a change that might just help rescue the NHS from its combined care and cash crisis: a £10 monthly membership fee paid by all adults (with some exceptions).} [UK: THE DRAFT LAW COMMISSION BILL, REGULATION OF HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE PROFESSIONALS->] _ {The draft law commission bill, regulation of health and social care professionals was published few days ago. The final report and draft bill sets out a new single legal framework for the regulation of all health and social care professionals.} [CMS: A VIEW ON MEDICAID AND CHIP SIGN-UPs->] _ {According to CMS, 11.7 million people were determined to be eligible for Medicaid and CHIP from the 1st of October 2013, through the end of February. As of the 28th of February, the total Medicaid and CHIP enrollment stood at 61 million across the 46 states that reported such data.} [HSAs AS A WAY TO FACE HEALTH-CARE COSTS DURING RETIREMENT->] _ {Many Americans face the risk of financial shortfalls in retirement, since health costs tend to rise during this period. In fact, a recent Market Watch analysis observed that most retirees will spend an average of $250,000 on out-of-pocket health costs during their retirement years, an amount that can seriously undermine their savings.} [MEDICARE: PUBLISHED DATA RELATED TO DOCTORS PAYOUTS->] _ {Medicare officials said that the disclosure of physician payment data marks an unprecedented opportunity to make the nation's healthcare system more transparent for consumers and accountable to taxpayers. The data could help to find doctors who perform far more surgeries, procedures and other services than their colleagues.} [THE NUFFIELD TRUST AND HEALTH FOUNDATION PUBLISHES DATA ABOUT THE FOUR UK HEALTH SYSTEMS->] _ {The review of the four UK health systems has been published by the Nuffield Trust and Health Foundation. Researchers analyzed data going back up to 20 years on some measures.} [UK WASTES EXTRA £49M ON TAMIFLU. THE COCHRANE COLLABORATION WARNS THAT THE DRUG DOES NOT PREVENT THE SPREAD OF FLU->] _ {During the last year, the UK has spent an additional £49m on Tamiflu, which is stockpiled by governments globally to prepare for flu pandemics. The Department of Health has confirmed that £424m have been spent on Tamiflu and £136m on a similar, but inhaled, flu drug called Relenza. The extra £49m takes the total spend to £609m.} [DAVID CAMERON AIMS AT MODERNIZING GPs SERVICES->] _ {UK prime ministerDavid Cameron said that more than 7.5 million people will be offered an increased access to GP (general practitioner) services through extended opening times and new consultation methods, even using Skype, email and phone.} [CHINA: ENCOURAGING PRIVATE INVESTMENTS IN HOSPITALS->] _ {The Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu announced at a press conference that efforts involving the planning and management of medical resources should be made in order to secure an orderly development for private health care institutions.} [UK BELOW AVERAGE IN EUROPEAN HOSPITAL BEDS LEAGUE->] _ {A report has found that there are fewer doctor's facility beds in Britain than most other European nations, less than fifty per cent as compared to many.} [US: HEALTH-INSURANCE ENROLLEES HAVE REACHED 8 MILLION->] _ {On Thursday, US president Barack Obama said that eight million people had picked health insurance plans through the Affordable Care Act. The final figure is above the White House’s initial target of 7 million sign-ups.} [HOW TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP NHS->] _ {In October 2012, UK prime minister announced the establishment of a Nursing Technology Fund (£100m) to support nurses, midwives and health visitors to make better use of digital technology in all care settings, in order to deliver safer, more effective and more efficient care.} [DUBAI’S HEALTHCARE SPENDING->] _ {According to the Dubai Health Authority’s study published on Monday, Dh10 billion were spent on healthcare in the emirate in 2012. The report, released during the Arab Health Conference, shows that women spent more than men on healthcare needs in 2012, considering the proportion of the female population (25 per cent) versus men (75 per cent).} [SINGAPORE: INCREASING “SIN” TAXES TO HELP ELDERLY->] _ {Rising healthcare costs have been a particularly touchy issue in Singapore. By international standards, government healthcare expenditure is low, with out-of-pocket expenses comparatively high. The country's healthcare expenditure stood at an estimated 1.5 percent of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2013, far below the average of 7.7 percent in high-income economies as of 2010.} [THE CHALLENGE IN ASIA: IMPROVING HEALTHCARE SERVICES FOR ELDERLY->] _ {Life expectancy in developed and developing countries has increased over the past several decades and continues to rise. As well as increasing life expectancy, birth rates have also decreased in many parts of the world, resulting in a demographic shift where the percentage of the population comprising people over 60 is growing rapidly.} [THE CENSUS BUREAU CHANGES ITS QUESTIONS FOR THE SURVEY->] _ {The Census Bureau, the principal agency of the US federal statistical system, will make significant changes to its annual survey that will make it difficult to measure Obamacare’s effects.} [MINISTERS ARE TRYING TO COVER UP SECRET BRIEFINGS WITH GM COMPANIES IN BRITAIN->] _ {The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Secretary, Owen Paterson, has refused a Freedom of Information Act request to supply details about talks with the genetically modifying (GM) industry trade body.} [HEALTHCARE: SIMILARITIES BETWEEN THE CLINTON’S ERA AND OBAMA’S MANDATE->] _ {About 7,500 pages of records, released on Friday through the National Archives and the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock (Arkansas), show the parallels between the Clinton era and the White House under Obama.} [OBAMACARE’S LACKS->] _ {Last week, Obama announced that 80 million people have signed up for coverage through new insurance exchanges, but barriers persist blocking tens of millions of people around the nation from accessing health care.} [PRIVATE INVESTMENTS INTO CHINESE HEALTHCARE->] _ {China’s healthcare needs are growing. At present, China's healthcare resources are unevenly distributed: China's major cities have the majority of access to healthcare resources, while the Chinese countryside has limited services for disposal and people who lives in rural areas is unable to afford healthcare.} [UK LABOUR PARTY: INCREASING THE NATIONAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS->] _ {Labour's policy review reported that there is £30bn a year "black hole" in NHS funding and too high costs of care for the elderly. So, the Labour Party is considering to raise the amount of national insurance that UK citizens have to pay.} [GLOBALIZATION OF HEALTHCARE: ARE INTERNATIONAL STANDARDIZATION AND OUTSOURCING POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS?->] _ {The most obvious (and generally detrimental to poorer countries) aspect of medical globalization is the circulation of young professionals. Typically, they choose to settle in the more developed countries from which they have graduated or they come there after graduating in their home countries, attracted by richer countries which are suffering from a lack of doctors and nurses.} [NHS: HARDER TESTS FOR FOREIGN DOCTORS->] _ {The PLAB test is intended to ensure foreign-trained doctors have equivalent medical knowledge and clinical skills to those of an NHS-trained doctor who has completed the first year of their foundation level one training.} [HUMAN RIGHTS AND ACCESS TO ESSENTIAL MEDICINES->] _ {The promotion of human rights is one of the main purposes of the UN. For example, the WHO Constitution of 1946 says that “The enjoyment of the highest attainable standard of health is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.} [OBAMACARE: SEPARATING THE CRITICS FROM THE FACTS->] _ {Critics of Obamacare were quick to stress that millions of people had lost their healthcare plans due to the Affordable Health Care Act. For instance, the Associated Press estimated that nearly five million people lost health coverage due to Obamacare (more modest accounts put the figure at around 2 million)} [EFFECTS OF GLOBALIZATION ON POPULATION HEALTH->] _ {Among the consequences of global change, population growth is often overlooked, despite its inevitable (and problematic) link with climate change.} [FIGHTING AGAINST MALARIA SUCCESSFULLY IS ACHIEVABLE IN AFRICA->] _ {The harmful effect of malaria on productivity has urged a mining company to implement a comprehensive programme in Ghana, now used in 22 districts. In the Obuasi area of the country, private sector investments in fighting against malaria have resulted in substantial business and community benefits, paired with dramatic reduction in malaria prevalence.} [NHS: PATIENTS WAIT TOO LONG FOR SPECIALIST CARE->] _ {Healthcare Improvement Scotland(HIS) found out that people in the NHS borders area had to wait between 78 weeks and 104 weeks to access specialist pain psychology services. Patients had to wait an average of 10 weeks to get specialist treatment from a chronic pain management service, according to the HIS report.} [THE URGENCY OF CONCRETE SOLUTIONS TO ADDRESS THE HEALTH IMPACT OF CHINESE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION->] _ {The health impact of environmental pollution represents the main issue under the spotlight in China, marking a turning point for environmental protection.} [FDA: ABOUT 40% OF DRUGS USED IN USA ARE PRODUCED OUTSIDE THE COUNTRY->] _ {About 40% of all over-the-counter and generic drugs used in the United States are produced in India. Companies have been using India for production largely because they have been able to do it cheaply.} [WORLD MALARIA DAY - THE NEW GUIDE IS TITLED “FROM MALARIA CONTROL TO MALARIA ELIMINATION: A MANUAL FOR ELIMINATION SCENARIO PLANNING”->] _ {The World Health Organization launched a new guide on the 25th April during World Malaria Day that will provide countries with a framework and guidelines to eliminate malaria.} [KENYA STRUGGLES AGAINST HIV: IMPROVING MATERNAL AND CHILD HEALTH->] _ {Even though, Kenya is one of the most developed economies in East and Central Africa, the country needs to improve the issue of maternal and child health, in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.} [AHS STUDY: INCREASE IN USE OF E-CIGARETTES IN UK->] _ {An ASH study estimated that the number of people who use electronic cigarettes in the UK has tripled over the past two years to 2.1 million. ASH's findings are released on the end of consultation on e-cigarette advertising.} [THE URGENCY OF CONCRETE SOLUTIONS TO ADDRESS THE HEALTH IMPACT OF CHINESE ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION->] _ {The health impact of environmental pollution represents the main issue under the spotlight in China, marking a turning point for environmental protection.}

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