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Conference Agenda

Tuesday 10 June 2014

2013.11.04(Mon.) 09:45 Arrival and Check-in 10:00 Opening addressed Maw-Kuen Wu (President of NDHU), Sonia Huang (Director for International Academic Cooperation and Exchange Division (ICE), NDHU), William D. H. Li (Chairman in Department of Sociology, NDHU), Yangchoon Kwak (Chairman in College of Economics, Rikkyo University) 10:30 Keynote Speech, Writing of Ethic Others by Taiwanese Entrepreneurs in South East Asia. Dung-Sheng Chen, NTU. 11:30 General Discussion & Lunch 13:00 The Role of Japanese Firms in the Investment to China and the Collaborative Alliance between Japan and Taiwan, Yangchoon Kwak, Rikkyo University. 13:30 Organic Vegetables Farming in Hualien : an economic sociological analysis. William D. H. Li , NDHU. 14:00 Participatory democracy and river governance in Taiwan: Implications for civil society and developmental state in transition. Sue-Ching Jou, NTU. 14:30 East Asian Capitalism at the Crossroad. Sakurai Kimihito, Rikkyo University. 15:00 The dilemma of neoliberalism in East Asia: the comparison of Digital Convergence policies in Taiwan and Japan. Li-Hsuan Cheng & James W.Y Wang, NCCU. 15:30 General Discussion & Tea Break 16:20 Fiscal Deficit and Accumulated Debt in Japan. Takehiko lkegami, Rikkyo University. 16:50 Peddling Pollution: An Analysis of Local Headmen and Industrial Development in Taiwan. Ming-sho Ho, NTU. 17:20 Varieties of Asian Financial Capitalism: Comparative Study between Taiwan and Japan. Tabata Mayumi, NDHU. 17:50 General Discussion & Dinner 2013.11.05(Tue.) 09:00 Arrival 09:10 The rise and consolidation of family capitalism in Taiwan.Zong-Rong Lee, Academia Sinica. 09:40 A study on R&D activities in 5 electronics companies. SEKI Tomokazu, Rikkyo University. 10:10 Capitalism and Modernization Theory in the perspective of Chinese development. Jean-Yves Heurtebise, NDHU. 10:40 General Discussion & Closing

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